Autumn Racing Style Guide 2018

1. Picking an Autumn colour

When it comes to picking an Autumn inspired hue you can’t go past the winter classics such as navy, tan or classic black. For more of an indulgent approach try rich jewel toned colours such as deep sapphire blue, opulent ruby red, emerald green or perhaps deep mustard citrine.

Metallic tones are also a big player when it comes to Autumn/Winter hues so for a more refined daytime look add metallic accents to your classically coloured outfit. In saying that, Autumn doesn’t just have to be about the darker colours although it may seem like the obvious choice. Try playing with some subtle colour prints in rich jewelled tones for a perfectly balanced look!

2. Picking your fabric texture

Cooler seasons call for slightly thicker fabrics which provide protection from the cold and keep the body comfortable and warm. As racing carnivals are predominantly held outdoors, we should carefully consider the fabrics we wear. The correct choice of fabric may ultimately end up being one of the reason you thoroughly enjoy your event.

Opt for wool blend fabrics for warmth, leather trims are a great way of adding texture and faux fur trims can offer your simple outfit a regal and stylish touch. To add extra warmth wear a thin wool singlet under your dress, however for comfort avoid thin spaghetti singlet straps. Midi length dresses are also a great option to consider!

3. Choosing the right silhouette

On a general note, when selecting a silhouette we should always consider our body type beyond any other factors. However, it goes without saying that certain silhouettes work better than others during the cooler months. The main aim is to try selecting elements that keep you warm and comfortable yet remain fashionably relevant. Try features such as full length sleeves, high collar necklines or long tailored midi skirts.

Sleeves are a particularly great way to embrace the cooler months yet still stay on trend. Experiment with sleeve types such as a draped sleeve, layered ruffle sleeve or perhaps even an eye-catching bell sleeve! Although not necessarily a traditional race day look, the jumpsuit is also a great way to embrace the Autumn season. Try it for something different and you’ll feel on trend and empowered while still remaining warm and comfortable!