1. Play it safe!

I guess the best advice I could give you is to not do any drastic changes on your appearance before your wedding. If you are thinking about a big change as dying your hair in a different color or cutting it or lightening your brows or any dramatic change think it twice. It can always happen that the results are not what you wished for!

2. Get tanned!

I personally think that tanned skin makes you look slimmer, hides your imperfections more and I don’t know about you but pale skin always made me look ill. No matter if you chose to fake tan or to just have few tanning sessions by the beach I think having a bit of color on your skin on your wedding day is a must! Plus let’s not forget it gets you ready for your tropical honeymoon!

3. Before applying makeup consider the climate you are living in!

I live in Dubai and the temperatures are always high here and it can get pretty hot so if you live in a country with warmer climate or you are getting married in summer consider using as many oil free products as possible. And have a good powder on your makeup bag to touch up later!

4. Match your foundation with your skin tone!

This is so important! The last thing you want to look like on your wedding day is like you are wearing a mask on your face!

5. Water proof mascara!

Your wedding day is a very emotional day and it’s most likely that you will share a few tears and a waterproof mascara and even other waterproof makeup products can be pretty helpful.

6. Use fake lashes!

I am not a big fan of fake lashes but for your wedding day they are definitely necessary as they make your eyes look bigger and your look more glamorous!

7. Get a makeup artist!

Honestly this is one of the most important days of your life and even if you are on a budget think about getting a makeup artist! As a bride to be myself I can clearly say that the one thing that you want on your wedding day is to be worry free and enjoy every moment and doing your own makeup can be pretty stressful and honestly every bride deserves to be pampered on her wedding day and have her makeup done by a professional ( unless of course you are a makeup artist yourself).

8. Have your makeup bag ready for touch ups!

Your lipstick is the one that will wear out the fastest so carry at least one lipstick and a powder! If you don’t like to use powder carry some oil absorbing sheets so you don’t keep adding more makeup to your face!