Our favorite travel clothes for Europe Spring 2018

What to wear in Europe: spring style & packing tips

1. Travel dresses for Europe in spring

There’s really no need to carry lots of dresses with you. If you do, you’ll probably end up wearing only few of them anyways. It’s best to pick one universal option – a dress that will look chic for dinner, combined with the right accessories. But paired with an awesome leather jacket it will the a true street style gem.

Long dresses look better in photos, so you can definitely consider to take one of the floral print dresses that are very much in style this spring season.

2. Think about the rainy days

During the spring time in Europe is always worth to carry a small, pocket-size umbrella or a rain coat. Occasional showers of rain will surprise you without any warning. Also the rainy days in Europe are often a bit cold, so a light coat will be perfect for such days, to hide from the humid air.

The top choice this season are light check fabric coats that look good with sporty style as well as classic outfits.

3. Best travel pants for Europe

What could be better that comfortable jeans, right? These pants look great with classic and sporty outfits. The second option, just as good-looking, is the current European trend – stylized sweatpants.

Colorful, single color, classic cut, silk! Ohh, what a choice! And there’s one thing in common with all of them – they are comfy to wear! A comfort and awesome look of your outfit is the golden combo for travel, isn’t it?

4. Travel shoes for Europe trip in spring

Wearing sandals in the spring time in Europe might just be too early. Unless you are going to one of the Mediterranean beaches.

For your trip to Europe choose one pair of shoes that will be good and comfortable for walking long distances, as you will probably wanna do as much sightseeing as possible. And Europe is known for having a lot of pretty palaces to see.

So you pick could be sneakers or tennis shoes or seasonal low-cut boots. Make sure to bring a pair of lighter flats for the most sunny days of your trip.